Broad product portfolio of high-performance, high-reliability external antennas

  • Author:AVX
  • Release on:2021-01-13
Combining advanced satellite and wireless communication technologies, these nine new antenna series have a small, compact shape, sturdy and durable, can be used in various heavy and harsh environment applications, and are optimized for design flexibility and high reliability. -Efficiency and-Gain from 698-5,920MHz, and save cost and time.

Fountain City, South Carolina (December 7, 2020) – AVX CompanyLeading manufacturer and supplier of leading electronic components and interconnection, sensor, control and antenna solutions, announced Ethertronics' wide range of high-performance, high-reliability external antenna products, aiming to provide instant, standardized solution. Market applications with challenging space, weight and performance requirements.Nine kinds of antenna series provide a variety of sturdy, environmentally friendly small, low profile, suitable for heavy and harsh environment applications.The series also provides optional cable connections to increase design flexibility and comply with RoHS and REACH to achieve global utilities and international compatibility.The ideal applications of the nine external antenna series cover automotive, industrial, agricultural, network, medical,

The compact, compact, high-performance, and highly reliable external antenna of the AVX / Ethertronics series is optimized to provide instant, standardized solutions for a wide range of harsh environment applications, including:

Combining advanced satellite and wireless communication technologies, as well as Ethertronics' proven expertise in innovative antenna design, the height of the external antennas in these 9 series can be as low as 6.7mm (±1.0mm), and supports both from 698 -5,920MHz extended high-frequency and ultra-high frequency bands have high reliability, efficiency and gain characteristics.These antennas are available with foam adhesive and nut mounting options. They are also protected by IPX5 and IPX7 sealing and can withstand operating temperatures from -40° to 85°C.

Alexander Hall said: "Ethertronics' new external antenna series utilize a combination of advanced satellite and wireless communication technologies to provide outstanding performance and are designed to meet the wide-ranging demand for ruggedized solutions for harsh environment applications across markets in the industrial and transportation industries. ", Field Application Engineer, AVX."By providing a variety of standard antenna products, we can save engineers a lot of cost and time, eliminate the need for design costs, shorten cycle time, and speed up time to market."

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